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ECON Commission Meeting

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07-06-2023 10:30 - 18:30
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The agenda includes:

  • Discussion of opinions:

Reform of the EU economic governance framework, with rapporteur Elio DI RUPO (BE/PES)

Critical raw materials package, with rapporteur Isolde RIES (DE/PES)

Net Zero Industry Act, with rapporteur Mark SPEICH (DE/EPP)

EU Cyber Solidarity Act and Digital resilience, with Pehr GRANFALK (SE/EPP)

2022 Annual Report on Competition Policy, with rapporteur Antonio MAZZEO (IT/PES)

Debate on the Automotive Regions Alliance and the Opinion on A Just and Sustainable Transition for Automotive Regions (COTER)

Debate on the Opinion Towards a multilevel Green Deal governance (ENVE)


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