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Meeting of the ENVE Commission

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10-05-2023 11:00 - 18:30
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The May ENVE Commission Meeting's agenda foresees a debate on Zero Pollution, followed by the adoption of two opinions, one on the "Revision of the Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive", rapporteur Åsa ÅGREN WIKSTRÖM (SE/EPP), and another on the "Revision of the EU Ambient Air Quality Legislation", rapporteur Una POWER (IE/Greens).

In the afternoon, the opinion "Fostering the potential and synergies of EU energy and climate initiatives for regions and cities", rapporteur Andries GRYFFROY (BE/EA) will be adopted. This point will be followed by an exchange of views on ''UNFCCC COP28: the role of subnational authorities in keeping climate ambition on track'', Rapporteur Rafał TRASZKOWSKI (PL/EPP), and by an exploratory debate on the CoR opinion on "Reform the EU's electricity market design", rapporteur Josef FREY (DE/Greens).